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Lorraine Kisselburgh is a Scholar with the Electronic Privacy Information Center, and a Fellow with the Center for Education and Research on Information Security at Purdue University.Her research spans the intersections of organizing, social interaction, work, gender, culture, and ethical issues in technological or alternative contexts.

Michael Zimmer is an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His research focuses on digital privacy, internet research ethics, and the ethical dimensions of social, mobile & internet technologies.

Meg Leta Jones is an Assistant Professor at Georgetown University. She researches rules and technological change with a focus on privacy, data protection, and automation in information and communication technologies.

Jessica Vitak is an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland. Her research evaluates how consumers engage in decision-making around data sharing, and the privacy and security concerns that affect their use of new technologies.

Jasmine McNealy is an Assistant Professor at the University of Florida. Her research  examines interpretations of individual privacy and the impact of law on protections for private information in digital environs.

Laura Moy is the Executive Director of Georgetown Law’s Center on Privacy & Technology. Her current work focuses on policy issues at the intersection of privacy and criminal justice.